About Healthier

Healthier is a web and mobile Healthcare Solution that provide Preventive Healthcare Services at competitive rates for Users and Patients. Healthier has carefully selected and vetted Healthcare Organizations offering myriad of Healthcare Services and Options for Users.

Healthcare Organizations on the Healthier Platform offer both Preventive and Curative Healthcare Services. Healthier help Users prevent Diseases by saving and tracking their Healthcare Numbers- Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol and Lipids etc.

Healthier ensure Users' Ownership of personal Health Information by providing immediate and secure Access to Healthcare Information for Users on electronic and mobile devices Healthier Platform ensure Security of Health Information with personalized access codes.

Healthier enable Consultation with preferred Medical Professionals with accessible Health Information Healthier help Healthcare Organizations satisfy Users with Appointment Management including automated and Easy to Use Appointment Reminders.

Healthier ensure reduced Patient Wait Times, Effective Utilization of Clinicians and other Healthcare Professionals and improved operational Processes. Healthier is provided free to Users and other Consumers of Healthcare Services.